Bathroom Storage Scale EZ-Drawer

Bathroom Storage Scale EZ-Drawer

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Bathroom Storage Scale EZ-Drawer

Is a convenient bath scale storage system combined with the usability of being able to use the bath scales.

No fuss, EZ-Drawer system, installs in a suitable kick space (floor toe area of a cabinet).

Simply push the drawer with your foot, the drawer will automatically fully open with the bath scales in them.

Step onto the bath scales, weigh yourself, step off, push the drawer back in. Its that easy.

Bathroom scales are completely hidden, never to be tripped over again.


The tray measures 36.3 cm (14-5/16") wide by 32.1 cm (12-5/8") deep internally and the height of the tray sides are 2.55 cm (1"). This will accomodate a weighing scale measuring approximately 35.6 cm (14") wide x 30.5 cm (12") deep.

Depending on the choice of a low or high profile toe-kick, the maximum height of weighing scale will be between 3.8 cm (1.5") and 6.3 cm (2.5"). Click on the instruction link below to find more details and overall measurements.


For more information on this great new patented bathroom storage system, or if you would like to leave us some feedback send us a contact form here.


Instructions found here


EZ-Drawer Bathroom Scale Storage