Wall Mounted Folding Tables

Choose one of our sturdy wall mounted folding tables. They are great for tables, study desks, work surfaces, stock room tables, laundry tables, temporary shelving and more.

They are great pieces of furniture, just lift up and clicks into position and one hand release to fold down neatly against the wall.

Wall mounted tables are great for small spaces, but can also become indispensable in any home for a multitude of purposes.

Comes with a pair of our FDP folding brackets installed. All you have to do is affix to the wall.

All of our tables are handmade with pride in Ireland and have been sold to almost every country in the world.


In modern times, where the cost of living is always increasing, and with the growing population land is becoming more expensive, it's common for people to seek smaller living spaces.


But should this mean that smaller leaving spaces deter the standard of living and decrease living space? No!


There is a lot of space saving furniture to choose from, including wall mounted folding tables. They give you the freedom to maximize the limited area available to you and that too without breaking the bank. Using a wall mounted folding table gives you the required amount of floor space, thus allowing you not to bargain on comfort even if you are living in a small studio apartment.


You need to maximise your space by getting rid of what is not needed, and the rest needs to be stored properly. The good is there are many types of folding wall tables available at Fold Down Pro to suit your requirements.


Wall mounted folding tables up and down Wall mounted folding table sewing station

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