Wall Mounted Folding Brackets

Our amazing folding brackets have stood the test of time and you are going to love them. They have been retro-fitted as substitutes for inferior cheap brackets that are mass produced and flimsy.

They are a favorite for Architects, Millworkers, Cabinet Makers, Carpenters, Homeowners & Businesses all over the world and our brackets have been used in virtually any scenario you can imagine.

With their slimline design and the way they fold into each other, they stand out just 2.2cm (7/8") from the fixing surface. There are lots of fixing holes for both the background and the table to ensure the best connection possible. We also supply high quality wall fixing screws for both masonry and timber walls and table fixing screws with every bracket.


The brackets are available in 4 sizes to suit a variety of table depths from 15" to c.32". We recommend that brackets should be placed at 16" to 24" centres to give the best loadbearing capacity, but there is nothing to stop you from expanding the centres (just let us know that you need extra threaded connecting rod), some customers have gone to 32" centres, it does reduce the loadbearing capacity but they are still strong enough to support desk work and light use.

The brackets are rated very conservatively at 353 lbs per pair, but they have been tested to support 1200 lbs before it became unsafe to load any further.

These brackets are made from mild steel and are finished in a zinc plated silver, although we only have a limited warranty, this hardware should last a lifetime with only minimal maintenance required. We also have a stainless steel version which would be perfect for outdoor use.

They are linkable, up to 6 brackets will function from one single release handle without the need to upgrade the connecting rod, giving the flexibility to have longer folding tables than any other bracket on the market. They can be fixed at variable centres which is great for situations where fixing centres are not uniform.