FDP Bracket Instructions

Fold Down Pro FDP Bracket Assembly and Installation Instructions

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Keep out of reach of Children. The pack contains small parts and moving parts, wear suitable personal protective equipment when assembling and installing the products. Keep hands and digits clear when opening and closing the brackets during assembly and installation. Always check for the presence of hidden or buried services within the fixing backgrounds before installation. Refer to tool and equipment makers recommended safety requirements for usage in conjunction with the assembly and installation of the product.

The assembly and installation processes are split into three parts; Part 1 - Fold Down Pro Assembly Procedure which relates to the completion of the bracket assembly by installing the trip mechanism. Part 2 - Reversible Trip Mechanism Instruction is an optional stage and only applies where the tripping side needs to be changed. The products can now be ordered with Left or Right hand side trip locations. Part 3 - Fold Down Pro Bracket Installation Procedure which relates to the installation of the brackets to the wall or a fixing background and includes the placement of a table top between the pair of brackets.