FDP23a Folding Brackets Pair

FDP23a Folding Brackets Pair

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Quick Specs:

  • Made from mild steel with a zinc coating
  • Cost effective space saving solution
  • Completely folds into itself
  • Slim wall projection of 21mm (53/64")
  • FDP23a depth 580mm (23”)
  • Easily adjustable height to allow perfect leveling
  • Trip mechanism able to link multiples of brackets together
  • Quick release mechanism
  • Variable centers for fixing to wall
  • Gas Strut Kits are available to aid the rise and fall of the brackets
  • Versatile with many uses
  • Conservatively rated up to 160Kg per pair (352lbs)



Perfect for use for medium to large tables, kitchen countertops. The FOLD DOWN PRO bracket makes the best use out of limited space, by allowing tables and chairs to be fixed easily and securely to the wall with minimal effort. Regain space in your home with the Fold Down Pro brackets. With little to no maintenance required, the FDP Brackets are also great for industrial use. The Brackets can be used to increase functionality of large and small spaces. They can be installed on walls or on parts of structures, subject to the structures’ load-bearing ability.

The FDP Bracket is also manufactured in three other sizes:

FDP14.5a Pair Folding Brackets

FDP19a Pair Folding Brackets

FDP28a Pair Folding Brackets

About Our Brackets: 

Our amazing folding brackets have stood the test of time and you are going to love them. They have been retro-fitted as substitutes for inferior cheap brackets that are mass produced and flimsy. They are a favorite for Architects, Millworkers, Cabinet Makers, Carpenters, Homeowners & Businesses all over the world and our brackets have been used in virtually any scenario you can imagine. With their slimline design and the way they fold into each other, they stand out just 7/8" from the fixing surface. There are lots of fixing holes for both the background and the table to ensure the best connection possible. We also supply high quality wall fixings and table fixing screws with every bracket.

The brackets are available in 4 sizes to suit a variety of table depths from approximately 15" to 32". We recommend that brackets should be placed at 16" to 24" centres to give the best load-bearing capacity, but there is nothing to stop you from expanding the centres (just let us know that you need extra threaded connecting rod), some customers have gone up to 32" centres, it does reduce the load-bearing capacity but they are still strong enough to support desk work and light use. The brackets are rated very conservatively at 352 lbs per pair, but they have been tested to support 1200 lbs before it became unsafe to load any further.

These brackets are made from mild steel and are finished in a zinc plated silver, although we only have a limited warranty, this hardware should last a lifetime with only minimal maintenance required. They are linkable, up to 6 brackets will function from one single release handle without the need to upgrade the connecting rod, giving the flexibility to have longer folding tables than any other bracket on the market. They can be fixed at variable centres which is great for situations where fixing centres are not uniform.

Feel free to contact us at info@folddownpro.com if you need any information.


4 Reviews
  • 5

    Posted by Daniel on 13th Aug 2018

    Great design for small spaces. I made a small foldable breakfast bar in my kitchen. Extremely well designed and made part, and the youtube instructions are very helpful. They only problem with my setup was down to the walls being quite uneven (old house!), I got the 2 brackets as flush as I could on the wall, but there is a tiny bit of misalignment so it doesn't fold down completely flat against the wall. But this is not down to a fault with the brackets - just be cautious if your walls aren't completely flat!

  • 5
    Excellent quality

    Posted by Neil Hargreaves on 19th Nov 2017

    Very well made product. Well designed.

  • 5

    Posted by Dave on 7th Jul 2016

    The FDP brackets are a quality design made from quality materials. Set aside two hours to have your hands on them while watching the instruction videos twice. Taking it a step further, if you install a mock table on the wall with the FDP using scrap material, your second try will be close to perfect if you are handy.

    Important: using a 90 degree square tool put against the wall and put against the FDP arm that is going under the table (the square will then be oriented 'flat' or horizontal in it's contact with both surfaces)... is an important thing to do. It makes sure the arms are lined up and will collapse into eachother like the design intends.

    Steel rebar tie wire, or similar material, can be used to connect the trip mechanisms on the brackets if the distance between the brackets is lots.

    Good product, better be handy.

  • 4
    Great Product

    Posted by Chris on 5th Dec 2014

    I love this product. Not only was the shipping fast but installation went very smooth as well. Only critique would be to somehow incorporate a gas charged lifting mechanism inside the hardware itself; so it will lift by itself. I would buy this product again very nice!

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