Wall mounted folding brackets

Wall mounted folding brackets

Posted by John on 14th Aug 2020

I would like to talk about our Fold Down Pro Brackets. The Fold Down Pro Brackets were developed in our lab over about a 2 year period, countless drawings & prototypes to come to the present design. The Brackets solve multiple problems that existed with available folding brackets. They are strong, not rickety. You can have 2, 3, 4 and more brackets supporting a single table, bench or shelf, depending on size & loading.

Importantly one person can fold this table down. Conventional brackets, one hand to trip each bracket, limiting the size of the fold down table. You can install 4 or more Fold Down Pro Brackets on one table & one person can fold this table down because the brackets are all linked together, one motion of the handle will trip all 4 or more mechanisms at once.

We have sold Fold Down Pro Brackets all over the world, to woodworkers, boat builders, homeowners, DIY enthusiasts, a ton of major corporations & lots more.

We will be adding a more detailed blog post on our folding bracket system later so keep an eye on our blog for more updates.

All the best, John.

Tables with FDP Brackets both folded up and down

Fitted room with a table with FDP Brackets