EZ-Drawer - Bathroom scale storage system

EZ-Drawer - Bathroom scale storage system

Posted by John on 15th Aug 2020


How many times have you been in the bathroom, turned around & stubbed your toe on a bath scales. Wouldn’t it be great to have a storage solution for them, that also makes them readily available when needed.

Well take a look at this:

EZ-Drawer slides in and out without any hassle and is a perfect addition to any bathroom.

Introducing the EZ-Drawer system

This drawer storage system is designed for bath scales. Installs easily in the kick space of a bathroom vanity, kitchen kick space, closet or any other suitable space.

To operate, push on the drawer front with your toe and the drawer will automatically fully open. Stand on the bath scales to weigh yourself. Stand off again & push the drawer closed. Job done. Bath scales will always be at hand (foot), but never in the way.

Buy the EZ-Drawer here

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